The Ugly Side of Crude Oil Price Trend

Still, the influence of the Deepwater Horizon spill on BP's inventory price reveals how such an incident causes a significant decline because of the availability of information within the related age, together with the impact of the 24-hour information cycle. The chance sulfur price 2019 of any future spills or other incidents may be a bigger threat than it has been up to now. To sum it up, the costs on supply are profitable for India however the pumps are full across the country due to lack of demand.
Likewise, when the worth of the dollar is low towards foreign currency exchange, the relative strength of U.S. dollars means buying less oil than before. There are additionally ongoing considerations that oil storage is running bitumen price index low, which impacts the extent of investments transferring into the oil industry. Oil diverted into storage has grown exponentially, and key hubs have seen their storage tanks filling up somewhat rapidly.
06.05.2020 10:56:59

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