Five Things You Must Know About Using Urea Fertilizers

TCC is positioned to know the world markets and maintain your prices aggressive. Excessive use of N (urea) encourages climate change (when misplaced via denitrification) and groundwater pollution (when lost by way of leaching).
urea nitrate
However, Urea should not be blended with any superphosphate except utilized immediately after mixing as Urea reacts with superphosphate liberating water molecules. granular fertilizer will produce a moist material that is exhausting to store and apply. Urea should not be utilized when the soil accommodates free water or likely to remain moist for three or 4 days after application. As implied in your link, the reaction of urea and nitrous acid will follow the mechanism you posted, repeating a second time with the nitrogen on the remaining amide. As for why the nitrogen is more nucleophilic, I can speculate, but I do not wish to be mistaken.

Is urea safe for skin?

The ammonia produced by the hydrolysis of the urea reacts with the nitrogen oxide emissions and is converted into nitrogen and water within the catalytic converter.

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